From Misery to Majesty
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From Misery to Majesty

Synopsis From Misery to Majesty

Read manhwa From Misery to Majesty / 異能持ちの孤児ですが、皇太子が優しすぎます! / 황자님, 왜 잘해 주세요? “Wh-what are you going to do with me?” “You’ll be our sacrifice to the river god.” Born as an untouchable, Lisha’s life has never been easy. Her misery peaks when she is about to be thrown into the river, but suddenly a man appears with a flash of white light in the downpour. Just like that, Prince Helios enters Lisha’s life like a ray of light in the darkest moment of her existence. Oblivious, Lisha follows him to the palace. Surrounded by kind people, she’s introduced to a while new world, and her cold, bitter days seem to take a dramatic turn. Then, unbeknownst to her, Lisha’s true identity is revealed as Aleph, the noblest being in the Empire and a demigod protecting the Empire of Agalia. Despite some explanations provided to her, there is one thing that still troubles Lisha: why is the prince so sweet to her?

Alternative 異能持ちの孤児ですが、皇太子が優しすぎます! / 황자님, 왜 잘해 주세요?
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